What Moms are Saying 

  • Working with Tish for the birth of my first child was a wonderful experience, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a doula. She took the time to listen to all of my concerns and fears and was an incredible help and wealth of knowledge. I had both a high-risk pregnancy and complicated labor, and her calm, caring and encouraging manner helped me tremendously during my labor and delivery. I'm not sure I would have made it through as well as I did if it were not for Tish!

Lisa M.

  • Working with Tish has been a true pleasure and game changer. We originally were going for a hospital birth. She did an excellent job educating us in what to expect. She made me realize I have power to make changes When needed. For example, I was unhappy with my first OBGYN and with her wisdom and gentle nudges I made a change. She did a wonderful job making sure I was educated on all my choices. Home birth came into conversation at week 34 after I did more research. Again, she reminded me I had choices, remained encouraging and helpful In referring me to a wonderful midwife who we worked with until the birth.

Tish attended my birth and was a true source of comfort. She remained by my side, alert and helpful all the while documenting everything for me. I would highly recommend Tish to anyone. Her soft and comforting approach and knowledge helped my birth experience be what I was dreaming of.

Laurie N.

  • Wonderful. Working with her was simple and easy. Her support was realistic and accommodating. She's very laid back and I would recommend her to someone looking for a calm force to be part of the pregnancy and birthing experience. She helped execute my birth plan how I wanted it to be done. I hope to use her for my future births!

Christina G.

  • My Meeting Tish for the first time, she turned out to be EXACTLY what I wanted. Her calm & easy going demeanor is great! Her knowledge of the birthing process is outstanding! She's friendly, yet remains professional. We met several times before my due date & formulated a birth plan that worked best for my husband and I. She was so supportive of any decisions I made & knew exactly when it was a good time to mention options.

Having JUST gone through pregnancy, labor, & delivery with our son, I was not as nervous this time around, however, I was nervous knowing I wouldn't have anyone familiar with me, possibly not even my husband. But after some minor bonding with Tish, it REALLY put me at ease. With my son, I was induced at 41 weeks & getting an epidural was inevitable. With our daugher, I was very excited at the chance for a drug free birth.

At 38 weeks my water broke at home! Once we got to the hospital, I called Tish to let her know. My water broke at 8:45pm & our daughter was born the following morning at 7:10am. Tish was by my side the whole time I was laboring. She was AMAZING!!!! She met all my needs physically, emotionally, & mentally. Although she gives me the credit, I can honestly say that without her, I wouldn't have delivered drug free. I got the labor & delivery I had ALWAYS dreamed of having...naturally/drug free and peaceful ambiance.

We are not having anymore children, but if I were to have another child, I would DEFINITELY ask to have her there again. On top of all this, Tish is a wonderful postpartum Doula as well. My husband did have to deploy shortly after our daughter's birth, and she helped me out a lot!

TISH is without a doubt EXACTLY the Doula anyone would want!! 

Thank you Tish for EVERYTHING!!!

Dani T.